do you ever wonder how many people have had a crush on you and never told you

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youtube comments section confirmed as the largest source of dark energy on this planet

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feverworm said: hey, can you not remove the artists comments from artworks you've reblogged? i noticed you did it to one of my posts and it's kind of annoying, especially since the comment mentioned how i made the piece.




No, I’ve been on tumblr for YEARS now and I have NEVER had complaints until today.I leave the link/credit their for anyone interested in furthering the info on the specific piece. Sorry but I’m not sorry. This is tumblr, we are ALLOWED to delete anything or add anything we see fit.If you are so worried about individuals deleting your comments then perhaps you should post your art elsewhere. However, I will gladly delete your work off my blog if you let me know which one it is.

Have a nice day

you’re “allowed” to do a lot of things on this website, it doesn’t mean it’s good practice.

why is leaving the artist’s comments such a huge problem? it’s more work for you to delete the comment and replace it with a link than it is to just leave it.

Rebloggers of art should have the decency not to remove the original creator’s comments.

The fact that the person doesn’t even know which art is feverworm’s just confirms the point that deleting the artist’s comment removes an easy way to identify the artist. 9__9//

Please respect the artist and what they wish to display WITH their art.
Don’t butcher a post for the sake of “aesthetics”
If people reblog your maimed version of the post, guess what? It will just SPREAD and snowball from that point.

And come again? Telling an artist to post their art elsewhere is the ultimate disrespect. You don’t have frigging rights to vandalize someone’s property and then tell them to move elsewhere just cause you don’t respect them and their work enough to share it in the original form.


Wrist, Hand & Finger Stretching Routine. For those tired artsy hands! When it already hurts to draw (or write), we should stop for a moment and then stretch + rest our hands.

I’m gonna take a break and do this for a moment.

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alphabet soup more like times new ramen am i right

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It always amazed me how cats can look so comfortable in the most uncomfortable places


It always amazed me how cats can look so comfortable in the most uncomfortable places

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